Press release


One of the first clinical results in stem cell therapy of joint problems in dogs will be presented
at this years FECAVA Eurocongress.

Stem cells are attracting a lot of attention in the field of regenerative medicine. Although still in the early phases
of development, stem cell treatments do show great promise for the future in both veterinary and human medicine. Until now there were little evidence of their efficacy. The results of one of the first clinical studies in stem cell therapy of joint problems in dogs give evidence of improved limb function.

Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič is going to be an invited speaker at FECAVA 2016. Prof. Majdič is acting as vice dean of Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana and is cofounder of Animacel biotechnology, a pioneering company using stem
cells to mend until now incurable joint and ligament problems.

FECAVA Eurocongress is the largest and most reputable small animal veterinary medicine congress in Europe, which is taking place in Vienna from the 22nd to 25th of June 2016. With the section holistic medicine FECAVA is presenting the novel treatments that are pushing the boundaries of nowaday veterinary medicine. As part of this section Prof. Majdič will present revolutionary results from the stem cell therapy clinical trial that was done by the research group on Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana and the biotechnological company Animacel.

Prof. Dr. Majdič: “One of the most common indications for stem cell treatments is osteoarthritis, a common disease in dogs that affects dogs of all ages. The incidence of osteoarthritis in general population of dogs is about 20 - 30 %, while in aging (older than 8 years) dogs, it can reach up to 80 %. Currently, osteoarthritis cannot be cured and dog owners are usually offered pain management. Stem cell therapy offers an opportunity of a long-term solution inhibiting or reversing the osteoarthritis progression.“